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The school has a long tradition in education as it was born in 1935.It has been enhancing its Educational Offer Plan (POF) since the 1st September 2010 thanks to three new branches specialising in the following areas: languages, human sciences, social and economic studies. The emphasis is on modern foreign languages learning amongst the following: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian.

A large use of multimedia and technological language laboratories characterizes this branch.

The main taught subjects are pedagogy, anthropology, psychology, sociology, social research, foreign languages.

Skills of the Economics and Social Sciences specialization are communicating in a foreign language, using ITC tools critically to carry out study and in-depth analysis activities, applying methods and interpretation categories of economic, legal, social and anthropological sciences to various study and work situations, measuring economic and social phenomena using adequate mathematical, statistical and IT tools, using philosophical, historical-geographical and scientific views to analyse international, national, local and personal phenomena, being familiar with the dynamics of contemporary social reality, with particular reference to work, services to people and third sector.

The school counselling programme within the Counselling and Psychological Services department is dedicated to preparing students and parents to use school as an aid for people facing daily issues or peculiar situations from their personal life.

The highly qualified team of teachers for students with special needs helps parents and students to promote the process of social inclusion of any handicap, disability and impairment.

Study programs, language training aboard, cultural exchanges, sports activities, workshops, Erasmus programmes, Philosophy Olympiad or even EsaBac (a school programme allowing students to obtain a school degree recognized both in Italy and in France) are all devoted to creating European citizens.