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Bundeshandelsakademie Eisenerz


School description

Our commercial college lies right in the middle of Austria. We have about 180 pupils and a staff of 23. After 5 years the pupils take their A-levels.

We offer a comprehensive commercial education, and the school takes part in the national entrepreneurship certification. The certification is awarded to schools which encourage their pupils to develop business-like thinking.

Great emphasis is put on IT. Here we have laptop classes with an emphasis on web design. The pupils are offered the opportunity to qualify as net and web designers and appcoders. Our classrooms are technically well equipped with a beamer and PCs in every classroom, with smart boards in some classrooms as well as iPads.

Cool learning is part of our curriculum and we exchange methods and ideas with other schools via Skype and video conferences.

Apart from the IT education the college naturally provides classical education, as well. Creative advancement is also an important aspect of our school. Therefore our students have the possibility to take part in visits to the theatre as well as literature workshops on a regular basis. During the literature workshops the participating students work creatively and give a public performance at the end together with the artist who runs the workshop.

Further emphasis is put on tourism. In these lessons students learn about what they need for working in the branch of tourism. Additionally students get more training in foreign languages.

The school enhances projects and language weeks abroad so that the students learn about other countries and cultures. Hence, our school has taken part in Comenius projects for many years.

The Commercial College Eisenerz offers its students general and specific education as well as a great deal of cultural and social learning so that the students become competent and caring human beings.